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Welcome to BTNN, we exist to break the narratives of propaganda and manipulated social norms.

Innovative and Engaging News

Our goal is to break into the hearts and minds of the audiences that are harder to reach, to make news fun for people that have no interest.


Social Media

We will focus on maintaing our strategy on changing the way news is distributed socially


News Media

We will force the media to change the way they manipulate the masses by using their own sources and strategies to challenge them.



We will change the way political culture shifts, we will do our part to unify Democrats and Republicans by creating a medium for both parties. We will initiate this strategy by creating innovative fabrics that will alter apparel and political culture forever

Our Mission

"To revolutionize how the news is distributed and digested while breaking accepted narratives and create new social norms.".

  • Founded 2024.
  • Independent leaning media
  • Ambitious to make a change
  • Infiltrate
  • Integrate
  • Seperate
  • Digital news media
  • Social media
  • Apparel 

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Our founder

Dom Lucre


Daily Blogs

Dom Lucre goes to New York to investigate

Two weeks ago, Americans were shocked as footage of clashes broke out at the World Headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch Synagogue

Dom Lucre and Truth Army Films The Tunnels

Every year, over 1,000 children go missing in the State of New York, and many are never found. New York

Why nothing will stop Donald Trump from becoming

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Dom Lucre sat down with Joey Mannarino to

This is one of Dom’s most important interviews; he finally broke the silence with Joey Mannarino and addressed all of

Dom Lucre and Roseanne Barr’s first interview

Roseanne and Dom engaged with each other on X (Twitter) a few times but this makes it official in one