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Dom Lucre and Truth Army Films The Tunnels Documentary

Every year, over 1,000 children go missing in the State of New York, and many are never found. New York is ranked 5th in the nation in child abductions. The State also has one of the most extensive tunnel systems in the country, with almost 1,000 tunnels reaching across the entire state. Many are secret.

On January 8th, 2024, clashes broke out at the World Headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch Synagogue in Brooklyn New York- known as the “770”.

Footage leaking from the clash revealed that there were secret tunnels dug beneath the synagogue, and millions witnessed the extremely alarming images coming from the videos: a book covered in blood, a child’s highchair, and a soiled mattress.

With reports of widespread cases of child sex abuse occurring within the Chabad; theories began to spread about the true purpose of these tunnels.

Last week, in partnership with Truth Army Films, I went to New York to investigate not only the Chabad Tunnels, but also the underground network of tunnels that run underneath the entire state of New York.

Now, we are releasing our findings to the world.

Watch ‘The Tunnels’ FULL documentary HERE:

Time Stamps:

2:40 – The Unsealed Chabad Tunnel
5:19 – Symbolism in tipped off tunnel
12:53 – Dom Lucre and Truth Army Enters The 770 Chabad Synagogue
6:17 – Child Sex Abuse Victim of The Chabad Synagogue
18:26 – Dom Lucre and Truth Army Films Get Kicked out The 770 Chabad
22:19 – Dom Lucre speaks to the New York locals About Child Trafficking
26:42 – Final Tunnel/Closing

Dom Lucre and Truth Army Films The Tunnels Documentary

Dom Lucre goes to New York to

Dom Lucre and Truth Army Films The Tunnels Documentary

Why nothing will stop Donald Trump from

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  1. Shanna Scott
    11th Feb 2024 Reply

    At the 5:46 minute mark, I saw writing on the wall. In the Hebrew Bible, the name Moloch is mentioned several times. Each time that name is mentioned, its associated with child sacrifice. I noticed the spelling was a little off. I see some translations show Moloch or Molek, or Molech. The narrator walked past the name next to the skull imagery.

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