Dom Lucre sat down with Joey Mannarino to discuss the recent coordinated attacks on him

This is one of Dom’s most important interviews; he finally broke the silence with Joey Mannarino and addressed all of the recent rumors and hate about him. Dom started off by breaking down everything that happened between Dom Lucre, Ben Shapiro, and Elon Musk while they were in Auschwitz.

Dom exposed the censorship that is occurring on X today, along with the targeting of Tara Bull and how the Krassenstein brothers’ tweets led to community notes demonetizing conservatives.

He addressed where the hate is coming from in my NYC documentary “The Tunnels,” and most importantly, Dom exposed BlazeTV, Rebel News, and what happened with him and Alex Stein and how there was a coordinated antisemitic slander campaign against him. This is his first and last time addressing the drama.

1:40 – Why large accounts attack me last week?

2:45 – What started my war with community notes and how does it affect everyone?

3:02 – Tara Bull account targeting.

3:30 – How Brian and Ed Krassenstein led to community notes demonetization

4:58 – How community notes target a journalist’s credibility

5:55 – How I gained credibility on X, why it’s being targeted and how influencers are creating racial division

8:00 – When I got demonetized while Elon Musk and Ben Shapiro were at Auschwitz

8:40 – Addressing the allegation that I used a sexual abuse victim’s old footage for my “The Tunnels” documentary

9:57 – How Rebel News ties into “The Tunnels” backlash. Ian Miles Cheong was also a major critic who works for Rebel News along with Pro Israel propagandist Oli London

10:20 – How the coordinated antisemitic slander attacks affected people’s perception of me

10:59 – Black creators, my winning strategy, the racial division created by influencers plus the gatekeepers in the Conservative Party and X

12:36 – Am I antisemitic, and why are people asking this?

13:09 – My argument during my Alex Stein interview about me ‘being antisemitic’ and why I believe BlazeTv is responsible for it. I want to say Joey Mannarino has been a real friend since we got to speak when I had 40k followers.

Dom Lucre sat down with Joey Mannarino to discuss the recent coordinated attacks on him

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